Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kudash Edtha (Pallikudasha) 1st Sunday (31 10 2010)

Kudash Edtha (Pallikudasha) 1st Sunday (31 10 2010)
Have a prayer always. (Mar waalah Name prayer or Iesho Name prayer)
The word of Aalaha (God) to be proclaimed at Holy Qurbana and to be recollected at this week.
Marmisa: masmore (Psalms): 147, 148, 149, 150 (Marmisa 57)
1st Keriyana (Reading): Mapqana (Exodus) 40: 17 - 38
2nd Keriyana                    : Eshaya 6: 1 - 13
Engartha (Letter): 1st Coranthose 12: 28 – 13: 13
Svartha (Gospel): Matai 16: 13 – 19, 21: 12 – 14

Recite and recollect upon above Word of Aalaha and participate in the Prayers of the Hours and Holy Qurbana of our Church.
Kudash Edtha (Pallikudasha):
Palli is a Pahlavi word. It means Congregation or to congregate. This term is used for the Congregation of the Lord. Palli refers to local Parish (Home of God) as well as Church as a whole. At the term Pallikudasha,  Palli refers to Church of Lord as a whole. (Dayra Vol I, p.59)
Kudasha: Kudasha is a Syriac word and it means Sanctification, Hallowing, Renewal, Consecration etc... Edtha: Edtha is a Syriac word and it means Church or Palli.
Kudash Edtha or Pallikudasha season asks us to recollect upon the Mysteries of the sanctification or hallowing or renewal or consecration of the bride Edtha (Church) by the bridegroom Risen Iesho Mshiha who makes entry for His bride to the Heavenly bride chamber.

A prayer to recite to recollect the Mystery of Pallikudasha
Glory be to You Mshiha, who makes entry for Your bride the Church into the heavenly bride chamber.
Our Lord, have mercy on us.

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