Thursday, July 14, 2011

though Bombs are in Mumbai or near to us we don't fear

Oh, Mumbai- Indians who died as martyrs by the bombs of fanatics we remember you before Aalaha (God) and mankind.Actually you died in our place. The same bombs could have taken our lives too. This time you, the innocent, died as victims for us too. We have the responsibility to look after your families and loved ones. Your death is a warning to the world that fanatics and  criminal sects are coming up daily. You the martyrs have given us a reminder. Of course, security forces are there, yet bombs are in Mumbai or near to us. We don't fear. These incidents call us to strengthen our unity and save each other.  We understand that we should be alert to have a natural life and death as wished by God. Only one thing can save us. Every where be a guardian or keeper of the other. All are our brethren. We should guard each other. Be vigilant and prudent to guard each other. Then only we can live in a country like India of Ahimsa. At the same time we must create measures to stop the cruel growth of criminal sects. We should co- operate with the security forces to find out and avoid disasters. Always live and propagate a life of peace and love and hope. Let even fanactics and our enemies be moved by our unity, peace and love-oriented lifestyle. Oh martyrs of India, hearty farewell. We hope to see you each other before  One Maran Waalahan (our Lord and our God), one day. Remain in the  peace of Lord, oh martyrs. Oh the direct relatives of martyrs we too join in your sadness with hope of resurrection. We shall remain in calm  and peace and love. Lovingly in  RISEN ISHO MSHIHA, Mar Sleeva Dayra.