Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Third Wednesday of Sleehe

ܐܲܪܒܲܥܒ̇ܫܲܒܵܐ ܕܲܬ̣ܠܵܬ̣ܵܐ ܕܲܫܠܝܼܚܸ̈ܐ
(Arbaabshamba  daslaasaa  dashleehe)
ܐܲܪܒܲܥ (arba) = four. Since Sunday is the first day fourth day is Wednesday.
ܒ  (b) = in.
ܫܲܒܵܐ (shamba) = week.
ܐܲܪܒܲܥܒ̇ܫܲܒܵܐ (Arbaabshamba)  is fourth day in the week that is Wednesday.
ܕܲܬ̣ܠܵܬ̣ܵܐ  - (daslaasaa)
ܕ  - (d) = of.
ܬܠܵܬ̣ܵܐ – (thlaasaa) = three.
ܕܲܬ̣ܠܵܬ̣ܵܐ  - (daslaasaa) = of the third.
ܕܲܫܠܝܼܚܸ̈ܐ – (dashleehe)
ܕ  - (d) = of.
ܫܠܝܼܚܸ̈ܐ  - (sleehe) = sent ones. Here Sleehe refer to the season of the year of Service. It is just after Panthequstha. The season Sleehe calls us to meditate upon the Church built upon Sleehe by Risen Isho Mshiha. By the  ܫܵܘܬܵܦܘܼܬ̣ܵܐ - communion of Ruha d qudsha the Church came to witness Risen Isho Mshiha through Sleehe. We shall also be witness of Risen Isho Mshiha through the   ܫܵܘܬܵܦܘܼܬ̣ܵܐ - communion of Ruha d qudsha. We receive Ruha d qudsha through Holy Qurbana.
ܕܲܫܠܝܼܚܸ̈ܐ – (dashleehe) =  of Sleehe.
ܐܲܪܒܲܥܒ̇ܫܲܒܵܐ ܕܲܬ̣ܠܵܬ̣ܵܐ ܕܲܫܠܝܼܚܸ̈ܐ (Arbaabshamba  daslaasaa  dashleehe) = Wednesday of the third of Sleehe or third Wednesday of Sleehe. Today is known  as so in Aaramaya (Suryaa) Tradition.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Will Kerala find out truth

 Cruelties towards self financing colleges administered by the official churches have been again started by some of the smaller political groups. They attack institutions as they like saying social justice. Is it justice to destroy common goods especially educative measures? Why students of Kerala in large number leave this state for higher studies? Students are afraid of these politicians and they do not wish to spoil a year here, ruled by attacking political movements? Whether these parties have share in income run by the institutions of other states by creating a chaotic system at Kerala especially at the period of admission? Will Kerala find out truth behind this destroying nature of these politicians?

Friday, June 17, 2011

ܥܪܘܼܒܼܬܵܐ ܕܕܲܗܒܼܵܐ (Aruvsa ddahva) – Friday of Gold)

 ܥܪܘܼܒܼܬܵܐ ܕܕܲܗܒܼܵܐ (Aruvsa ddahva) – Friday of Gold)
First Friday of the season of Sleehe (apostles) is known as (Aruvsa ddahva) – Friday of Gold). Aruvsa means Friday. Note: the first letter of Aruvsa and Ddahva are pronounced half only. Here D means of and Dahva means gold. This year, this commemoration, comes on 17- 06- 2011.
While Sleehe were going to the House of Aalaha (God) for the Service of the Hours (Praxis of Sleehe 3: 1) they met a crippled man at the gate of the House of God. Crippled man asked towards Sleehe too. Mar Shemon Sleeha said to him that he has no gold and silver with him. But he healed crippled person in the name of Risen Isho Mshiha the Nasraya. This Mystery of healing in the name of Risen Isho Mshiha the Nasraya by Sleehe is known as Aruvsa ddahva – Friday of Gold.
Here real Gold or Silver is Aalaha (God) that is Risen Isho Mshiha the Nasraya. We do search for gold and silvers; sometimes we even pray for it forgetting the Real Gold; God. Whatever gold and silver we have, if we do not have God we do have nothing. Do we give more importance to gold’s rather than God either directly or indirectly?
Though, recently, the rate of gold is high people are still crazy towards it. Some cannot live without it though it is not a basic need. Three places are still houseful; beverage corporations, shops of gold, those prayer centers were wants are seem to be fulfilled.
Sleehe have real Gold with them. They had no worldly gold and silvers to give. But they gave what they had, the real Gold. Whatever we give, if we cannot give God, it is nothing. The best gift is God Himself that is Risen Isho Mshiha the Nasraya. He gives Himself as Gold in Holy Qurbana.
We shall receive Holy Qurbana, the real Dahva (Gold) and we shall give this Gold to others as we can. We shall help physically and mentally handicapped persons as we can, with what we have. If God Himself gives as Gift in Holy Qurbana we shall receive the great Gift and try to give what we have as gift to others. Hearty greetings of
ܥܪܘܼܒܼܬܵܐ ܕܕܲܗܒܼܵܐ (Aruvsa ddahva) – Friday of Gold)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mar Sleeva Dayra: ܦܲܢܛܸܩܘܼܣܛܵܐ- Panthequstha.

Mar Sleeva Dayra: ܦܲܢܛܸܩܘܼܣܛܵܐ- Panthequstha.: "ܦܲܢܛܸܩܘܼܣܛܵܐ - Panthekustha. The day, Ruha d Qudsha came upon Slihe (Apostles) as our Lord Isho Mshiha promised to Slihe. Ruha d Qudsha came..."

ܦܲܢܛܸܩܘܼܣܛܵܐ- Panthequstha.

ܦܲܢܛܸܩܘܼܣܛܵܐ- Panthekustha.
The day, Ruha d Qudsha came upon Slihe (Apostles) as our Lord Isho Mshiha promised to Slihe. Ruha d Qudsha came not to give any new revelation but to make remember what is already revealed by our Risen Isho Mshiha.
Ruha d Qudsha is now upon the bride of Isho Mshiha that is upon the Church. Raase (Holy Mysteries) of the Church are being performed by Ruha d Qudsha. We receive Ruha d Qudsha in and with and through the Holy Mysteries of the Church. As the Slihe prepared themselves to receive Him we also by reciting Prayers of the Hours and keeping the commandments of Aalaha (God) shall receive Ruha d Qudsha in Holy Mysteries especially in Holy Qurbana.
   The word of Aalaha (God) to be proclaimed at Holy Qurbana at Pantekustha and to be recollected at this week.
Marmisa: masmore (Psalms): 144, 145, 146,
1st Keriyana (Reading): Mapqana (Exodus) 19: 1 – 9+ 20: 18 – 21.
2nd Keriana                     Praksis d Slihe (Acts) 2: 1 - 21
Engartha (Letter): 1st Coranthose 12: 1- 27
Svartha (Gospel): Yohannan 14: 15, 16, 25, 26 + 15: 26 -16:15

Recite and recollect upon above Word of Aalaha and participate in the Prayers of the Hours and Holy Qurbana of our Church.
to publish any matter of this blog please get permission
from Mar Sleeva Dayra since all matters are registered.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

democracy may arise as drinkocracy

Kerala, God’s own land or drink’s own land?
Drinking nature and beverage corporations, (direct &indirect) of Kerala are increased. Future of Kerala is in trouble. Maharashtra restricted even age period to have drinks. Some sort of such measures is highly needed in Kerala too. People are crazy behind drinks. It will affect family and society as a whole. Stop raising high rates for basic needs and raise high rate for such poisons like drinks, cigarettes etc. if the government provides these poisons in reduced rates and allow many beverage corporations, democracy may arise as drinkocracy. If we promote more drinks as to the bad wishes of some people it will be the end of Kerala in utter chaos. The so called God’s own land will be drink’s own land. Instructions of the bad side effects of drinks, applying high rates to drinks, high restrictions of license are some of the first steps soon to be issued by the new government to save Kerala people. Will any political party come forward to turn against drink- culture? Why parties who roar for social justice keep mum before this social injustice of promoting drinks?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Soolaakaa means Ascension

ܣܘܼܠܵܩܵܐ. The Aaramaya word Soolaakaa means Ascension of the Risen Isho Mshiha into Heaven. It is the feast of our Lord so it is important than all other feasts of the saints. Saints lead us to Him. Devotion to the saints must lead us to Risen Isho Mshiha, Bava and Ruha d Qudsha. If not so that devotion itself is wrong.
Do we give primary importance to the Feasts of the Lord?
Do we celebrate solemn form of the Holy Qurbana (Holy Rasa) at least on the feast of Isho who has given Himself as Holy Qurbana?
Do we meditate upon the Mystery of His Soolaakaa (Ascension) in Holy Qurbana and lead life thinking about the matters of Heaven?
Are we getting ready every day to receive Him in His second coming?
After receiving Risen Lord in Qurbana as Gift, do we share what we have, to those who are in need of basic needs?
Are we faithfully doing the services of the Hours, at least Ramsha Service, Sapra Service and Endana Service?