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Mar Sleeva Dayra: Mar Geevarghese Bava : New Head and Father of Mar ...

Mar Sleeva Dayra: Mar Geevarghese Bava : New Head and Father of Mar ...: "Mar Geevarghese Bava : New Head and Father of Mar Thomma Nasrani Church (Syro Malabar Church) Glory to Isho Mshiha. Rejoice in the holy elec..."

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mar Geevarghese Bava : New Head and Father of Mar Thomma Nasrani Church (Syro Malabar Church)

Mar Geevarghese Bava : New Head and Father of Mar Thomma Nasrani Church (Syro Malabar Church)
Glory to Isho Mshiha.
Rejoice in the holy election by Maran Waalahan (our Lord and our God) to proclaim Bava (Father) and Head of Mar Thomma Nasrani Church (syro malabar church).
Oh, the new Bava and head of the Church rejoice to become the instrument of Great Priestly service towards Aalaha (God) and all creations.
Oh, Mar Thoma Nasranees rejoice in the shepherding of the Risen one Isho Mshiha from Nasrus through the Shepherds (High Priests) of the Church.
We call the High Priest, Bava or Father (in Malayalam; Pithav) because he represents The Great Bava upon earth.
The Aaramaya or syriac word Mar has many meanings according to the situations. Mar means Lord, word of respect towards high persons of Service…etc. In the case of High Priest it is a calling of respect. It has become an ecclesiastical word of respect towards Saints and High Priests.
The name of the new Father and Head of our Church is Mar George. The Aaramaic or Syriac word for George is Geevarghese. We, in our official prayers of the Church always proclaim holy name of Mar Geevarghese Sahda to get help from Him to attain holiness from Holy Aalaha.
As a Syrian Church and since we use Syrian form of Holy Qurbana and mainly  since it was the language of our Lord Isho it is better to proclaim the name of the Head of the Church in Syriac, at least in Holy Qurbana. We the Suryani (Aaramaya) Nasranees shall call Him Mar Geevarghese Bava. We had the Tradition to have new names for those who take up different Priestly services. If the new head selects so it is good and let that selection be in our early Holy Syrian Tradition. Let at least the name of the Head of the Syrian Church be in Syriac.   
Oh the new Bava and Head of the Church, we see You as the representative of our Heavenly Holy Bava and see us also as our Heavenly Holy Bava sees us as His children. Kindly guide us as He wishes. We remember You today onwards in our Holy Qurbana. When we remember You, the Head of the Church in Holy Qurbana we pray for all because the Head represents all. Shepherd us all as the Risen Shepherd wishes and thereby let us all come together, one day before our Heavenly Holy Bava.
Glory to Isho Mshiha.
Qyaamtha (Resurrection) 5th Friday

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mar Adai ; forgotten by his own. 5th sunday of Resurrection

 ܩܝܵܡܬܵܐ    5th first day (Sunday) of Qyaamtha (resurrection)
Have a prayer always. (Mar waalah Name prayer or Iesho Name prayer)
The word of Aalaha (God) to be proclaimed at Holy Qurbana and to be recollected at this week.
Marmisa: masmore (Psalms): 46, 47, 48
1st Keryana (Reading): Eshaya 49: 7 - 13
2nd Keryana                : Praksis d Slihe (Acts of Apostles) 9: 1 - 19
Engartha (Letter):  Ebraye (Hebrews) 10: 19 – 36
Svartha (Gospel): Yohannan 21: 1– 14

Recite and recollect upon above Word of Aalaha and participate in the Prayers of the Hours and Holy Qurbana of our Church.

On this Sunday, we remember our lord and God of Mar Adai. Usually we set apart First day of the week or Sunday for only celebrating the Mysteries of Lord Isho Mshiha. It is the day of the Lord, day of Resurrection, day of Holy Qurbana…etc. usually we celebrate feasts of saints on Friday, the day of the suffering of our Mar Isho.

The period of resurrection is a special time where we see our Mar Mshiha’s revelation of resurrection to many. After the first Sunday of Resurrection, we celebrate the appearance of Risen Mar Isho before our Father Mar Thoma Sleeha. Here, it is the feast of Risen lord’s presence before Mar Thomma rather than the feast of Mar Thomma himself. As this fashion, our Mother Church presents, on the fifth Sunday of Resurrection,  Mar Adai too.
                                  Today’s Good news from Mar Yohannan adds to the saying that Mar Adai is one of the disciples outside the circle of 12. Mar (Lord) Mshiha, the Risen one, appeared before many disciples. (Yohannan 21:14)The Risen presence of Mar Isho Mshiha is again commemorated here, saying the name of one of His disciples. Mar Adai is known as the disciple of Mar Thomma too. Mar Adai and Mar Mari are known as the Slihe or Apostles of the East following Mar Thoma.  And in their name our present order of Holy Qurbana, exists. This order reveals the importance and faith of the Fathers of the Early Church, namely Mar Adai… How can we proceed really- further, ignoring the early Fathers of the Church. Saying their name in reverence itself will be graceful before God.
A prayer to recite to recollect today
Lord and God of Mar Adai, have mercy on us.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

protest against increased rate; real or not

protest against increased rate; real or not

Some of the people of Kerala is on protest against the increased rate of petrol. parties walk through the streets. Many do not come outside due to the afraid of attack from those who conduct protest. one thing is sure that we can not forget the diminishing economy that the world face today. let the government do not increase high charges for the basic needs of the people such as food, dress and shelter. if the state cannot but increase the charges out of due reasons let them increase charges for other matters rather than basic needs. The matters that serve to the basic needs also are to be taken consideration.  we can charge high rates for those things that daily disturb us for eg; alcohol and cigarettes and other types of decorative materials which are to be removed from daily life.
some walk as protest. is it a real protest? now a days we do not walk a little bit. we use vehicles for short distance too. can't we walk daily to nearby places. should we use vehicle for nearby places and small things?.  can,t we save in such a way many things?a little walk to nearby places, everyday, improves health, adds social contacts, saves oil by keeping vehicles for urgent matters. 
if we follow daily walk to nearby places it will be the real protest and co- operation from our part to save health, social contact, oil, money.... and there by we achieve a good personality too. 
our real protest must not make harm to any one. our protest  have become too much burden to the society, such as if some parties call for protest people have in mind danger of attack from them. if we protest for reducing the rate of materials and if we destroy common services or materials through the protest, our protest itself actually increase taxes and rates of common goods since they have been destroyed by the same people who roar in protest. let our protest be real and calm.